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Monster Roller is a monster strategy game with a hybrid slot machine combat system for mobile by Boomzap Entertainment. Hatch, raise and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline!

Iteration, Iteration, Iteration


Mixed bag of updates this week. I’ll be going over them in more detail in the weeks to come.
Battle Flow

One of the biggest things we’ve been working to fix is the speed of battle. Here you can see 2 GIFs comparing the speed of an old fight and a new fight, up until the first round.


Above/Left: the old flow. Note the attack log, floating numbers and the ‘About to fight!’ pose before the monsters actually bop each other.

Below/Right: the new flow. Attack log has been removed, damage is in larger numbers, the way the monsters jump in is sped up, the coin flip is faster as well. And we removed the ‘about to attack’ animation.

We’ll be going over how we got from the old animation to the new animation in the future post. Moving on, we also have a few new screenshots of UI and evolved monsters.

UI Improvements:

Having nailed down the look and feel for the UI (black/yellow/red color scheme, buttons that look like you’re in an arcade), what we’re looking at now is what features the user will find useful.

OldMonsterListNew Monster List. Note the new icons below, XP bar, the ‘role’ of the monster, and the addition of the attack value. We also have a sorting function.



OldArenaNew Arena Screen. The 6vs6 fighting wasn’t so obvious back when we only showed unique ‘frontline’ monsters. Now it’s more obvious (but still WIP, because it’s showing 7 vs 6 — have to sort out how to fix that. Also, is it just me or shouldn’t the PLAYER be on the LEFT?)


New feature (still a WIP). The incubator that will close the loop of the game.

And now for some Evolutions:

magmus adult_002

Magmus’s Evolve: Volatil. Got itself more volcanoes and a larger fire fist.


Mortox’s Evolve: Mortagon. Entered the 20th century with that Gatling Gun. It’s sporting a pretty grimdark design with those bulletholed wings. Much edge.


Lectreel’s evolve. We don’t actually have a name for it yet.

Got any ideas? Let us know if you’ve got a name for Lectreel’s evolved form :)

Week 7: Changes to UI, Improvements in Communicating Events

Hey Rollers,

Sara here as usual. We’re pretty busy this week, so the updates will be brief:

Currently, we’re focusing on UI, Animation, and Icons. What we have been aiming to do is to unify the text, art, and animation to smoothly present what’s going on in the battle. Basically, better language so the users know what’s going on and where to look.

This is our old UI:


We’ve changed it and decided to separate the ‘card’ up there with the information into its own screen. Here are our new screens below:



We give the quick essentials (level, specials, HP, attack) at a glance, showing up to 6 monsters so that users can compare. Then, after tapping on a monster, they can see more in-depth info on what their slots are made of.

We’ve also changed the orientation of the battle (for now — and the screenshot is a rough prototype, see how the BG is not yet changed):


As for animation, we’re working on making it clear who is moving and what it is doing:


So — there you go. This week’s updates.

Also, you may be wondering: week 7? Yeap, it’s been seven weeks since this project first began full production.