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Monster Roller is a monster strategy game with a hybrid slot machine combat system for mobile by Boomzap Entertainment. Hatch, raise and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline!

Communicating Progression


We’ve spent a lot of posts talking about the battle mechanic and the refinement of it from an unstructured mess to a set of actions that can be built on for strategy. We’ll be going what features are implemented for progression, and importantly, how this is communicated to the player.


Instant game loop, just skin it a thousand ways.

What Features Are Involved?

Each battle brings the player closer to understanding the way their fellow players strategize or expands on their knowledge of slots (abilities). This is knowledge (metagame) progression. The Player is also rewarded with gold, which allows them to buy more monsters – progression in their collection.

For Monster Roller, the following features work together in the loop:

  • Battle. This is the start of the loop.
  • Stages (for Offline Play). The player progresses each time s/he completes a level. This appeals to players who want to complete every level. Offline play also builds confidence for online play, because the player is learning about the monsters and their different abilities.
  • Leaderboards (for PVP). The player can see how they stack up against their fellow players.
  • Level Up System. The monster levels up based on role, with additional bonuses.
  • Evolution System. Monsters can evolve, and adult monsters can help gain more monsters through egg-laying rather than relying on the store. Evolutions have different stats & different abilities.
  • Store & Incubation. Earning gold gets spent here.

Some Examples!


(1) It has to be obvious.

mr 2015-08-27 15-21-28-38

A basic example: indicators show which level difficulties the player has beaten.


There are also clear indicators showing how hard a stage will be.

(2) It has to be rewarding.


People like seeing bars fill up.

(3) Player control is good.

LevelupBonusesPlayers get to choose in what way additional bonuses are distributed to a monster. While these bonuses are not large enough to turn a defensive tank into an offensive tank, the reward is in the addition of the points themselves and  getting to choose where those bonus points are spent.



Upcoming Features

Hey everyone,

Things have been busy for these past two weeks.  In this week’s update, we’ll be showing some upcoming features that build on the core loop of the game. So here’s your first ‘top level’ view of what the rest of the game’s features are, apart from battle:

It looks like Dragon Ball, somehow. This is our ‘egg capsule’ dispenser.  We’re still working on how we want it to look like and how the egg will be animated.

pvp_arena select

This is what our PVP tab looks like. We’ll have leaderboards and daily challenges where users can win more gold.


A small new feature: you can find out skill the enemy bopped you with! We recently had a playtest, and most people wanted to know what the enemy did to them. So now we have a tap hold feature where they can see what the last rolled ability was.


Incremental change: Monsters now have roles to make it easier to figure out what they’re doing. It helps people make teams and decide which enemy monster to kill first (Do I hit the healer first? Or the glass cannon?)


New feature: Teambuilder now shows monsters, which can be filtered based on the icons above. Currently the red icons show roles such as Fighters, Healers, Modifiers, and Disruptors.  It can also be sorted by HP and attack.

You’ll be seeing these in action, through a video, in a few weeks.

Till next time!



Iteration, Iteration, Iteration

Mixed bag of updates this week. I’ll be going over them in more detail in the weeks to come.
Battle Flow

One of the biggest things we’ve been working to fix is the speed of battle. Here you can see 2 GIFs comparing the speed of an old fight and a new fight, up until the first round.


Above/Left: the old flow. Note the attack log, floating numbers and the ‘About to fight!’ pose before the monsters actually bop each other.

Below/Right: the new flow. Attack log has been removed, damage is in larger numbers, the way the monsters jump in is sped up, the coin flip is faster as well. And we removed the ‘about to attack’ animation.

We’ll be going over how we got from the old animation to the new animation in the future post. Moving on, we also have a few new screenshots of UI and evolved monsters.

UI Improvements:

Having nailed down the look and feel for the UI (black/yellow/red color scheme, buttons that look like you’re in an arcade), what we’re looking at now is what features the user will find useful.

OldMonsterListNew Monster List. Note the new icons below, XP bar, the ‘role’ of the monster, and the addition of the attack value. We also have a sorting function.



OldArenaNew Arena Screen. The 6vs6 fighting wasn’t so obvious back when we only showed unique ‘frontline’ monsters. Now it’s more obvious (but still WIP, because it’s showing 7 vs 6 — have to sort out how to fix that. Also, is it just me or shouldn’t the PLAYER be on the LEFT?)


New feature (still a WIP). The incubator that will close the loop of the game.

And now for some Evolutions:

magmus adult_002

Magmus’s Evolve: Volatil. Got itself more volcanoes and a larger fire fist.


Mortox’s Evolve: Mortagon. Entered the 20th century with that Gatling Gun. It’s sporting a pretty grimdark design with those bulletholed wings. Much edge.


Lectreel’s evolve. We don’t actually have a name for it yet.

Got any ideas? Let us know if you’ve got a name for Lectreel’s evolved form :)

This week on Monster Roller: Bugs and Revisions!

Hey rollers,

This week has been all about tightening the game to show it during GDC!

Part of being a developer means having an eye for improving things like usability. Most of it is a case of applying some common sense, while some of it is more subtle.

I’m pretty sure everyone here can see a few bugs in this screen below. Take a moment to guess:

(1) What the screen does

(2) What’s wrong with it





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