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Monster Roller is a monster strategy game with a hybrid slot machine combat system for mobile by Boomzap Entertainment. Hatch, raise and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline!

Concept Art: Fernadon

Monster Roller is not just about luck. You have to strategize by using different combinations of monsters. Aside from fighters like Ottilery, you need supporters like Fernadon! He has healing skills that would be helpful if your monsters are losing HP in battle.


Fernadons are peaceful monsters that only attack when provoked. They are named after their fern-like tail, which has been a key feature since the initial sketches.

Concept Art: Main Menu and Ottilery

Just sharing some Monster Roller concept art!

The main menu is one of the most important parts of the game. So Lanny, one of our artists, came up with a few studies showing the different monsters before creating the final version.


We ended up choosing two of them, so we decided to use them both. Now here are the final artworks!

Main Screen
Main Screen
Loading Screen
Loading Screen

If you’re wondering who’s the one that’s always front and center, meet Ottilery, the first monster you’ll meet. He’s a tough fighter, equipped with a cannon that can blast off all his enemies in one go.

He looks fiercer now than his early versions, don’t you think?

Improved Art Icons


We recently had a playtest and are working on changes to improve the game. The bossman mentioned that the icons look “boring” so we’ve been working on that.


Here’s how the battle screen looked before:

mr 2015-07-02 16-42-07-35


Here’s what it looks like now:

ScreenHunter_239 Jul. 02 15.36


It’s a pretty big change. It’s lost its more ‘iconlike’ properties and now looks like a cross between icon and illustration.

Here’s how the icons evolved:



Some points of interest:

  • We’ve made the background bigger.
  • We’ve simplified the colors and the patterns. Note how the Poison is now green and black whereas it used to have purple. The Stun (blue swirly at the end) also changed following this principle.
  • The top four icons (Wingslap, Tailthrash, Bite, and Claw) changed from being abstract and two-color to having less lines, a simple gradient background, and fewer colors overall.

There’s a lone outlier here — we’re still thinking about the Single Target Heal, which has three wolf-like monsters with a heart on only one. We’re not sold (well, I’m not sold quite yet) on whether the wolf-like look is a good idea or not.  Also, there are some differences in rendering style, which we will be refining as development rolls on.

Upcoming Features

Hey everyone,

Things have been busy for these past two weeks.  In this week’s update, we’ll be showing some upcoming features that build on the core loop of the game. So here’s your first ‘top level’ view of what the rest of the game’s features are, apart from battle:

It looks like Dragon Ball, somehow. This is our ‘egg capsule’ dispenser.  We’re still working on how we want it to look like and how the egg will be animated.

pvp_arena select

This is what our PVP tab looks like. We’ll have leaderboards and daily challenges where users can win more gold.


A small new feature: you can find out skill the enemy bopped you with! We recently had a playtest, and most people wanted to know what the enemy did to them. So now we have a tap hold feature where they can see what the last rolled ability was.


Incremental change: Monsters now have roles to make it easier to figure out what they’re doing. It helps people make teams and decide which enemy monster to kill first (Do I hit the healer first? Or the glass cannon?)


New feature: Teambuilder now shows monsters, which can be filtered based on the icons above. Currently the red icons show roles such as Fighters, Healers, Modifiers, and Disruptors.  It can also be sorted by HP and attack.

You’ll be seeing these in action, through a video, in a few weeks.

Till next time!



Production Buffet

This week’s post delves a little into the technical challenges needed to make a game and the kind of problem solving that goes behind the scenes.

Monster Roller is made to be a game under fifty megabytes with no additional downloads. It’s also supposed to be made fast, but the game industry is secretly made of timelords. We’ll take a short look at both.

For build size, there are several variables that we try to control.

There’s our compression method, for one, and also how frequently we reuse assets. In a way it’s like balancing an equation. There are aspects we could polish in, or invest resources in, and the ‘mix’ of where to splurge on polish or cut corners is what makes the game a viable product given its requirements. I know that sounded really heavy. Just think of it as being in a banquet. Eventually you will get full. So you have to choose what food you’re gonna focus on with the right amount of variety.


Your writer is just hungry. That’s the real reason I talked about a buffet.

For today we’ll be going over our rigging template. And although the previous paragraph went over compression and build size, the actual subject of today is about managing time. Rigging is not an issue for compression — we compress vertex animation data very well. But what I’d like to point out this week is that any feature requires integration and testing. You have to code it right, script it right, and test it right. The more unique animations for unique rigs, the more code, script, and testing resources comes in — and these are all part of the ‘weight of assets’ — the issue isn’t just build size, but time.

So in Monster Roller, we sometimes share ‘rigs’ so that we save time in making a new rig. This makes it easier to SCRIPT and TEST for.

The end effect looks something like this:


You might be wondering how we know to have these kinds of templates.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Sketch out monsters.
  2. Arrange those similar in form.
  3. Construct a rough block shape.
  4. As you make the rough art into final, be aware of the correct pose and adjust your art to fit the rig.
  5. Save time and energy!

Here’s a segment of our rigging template list:





Overall, Monster Roller actually has a lot more templates than these. We’re just showing these for reference.

Till next time :)

New FX on Monster Roller

Check out some of these new FX we are adding to Monster Roller! Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Claw and Bite]

[Pillar of light]