Monster Roller is a monster strategy game with a hybrid slot machine combat system for mobile by Boomzap Entertainment. Hatch, raise and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline!

This week on Monster Roller: Bugs and Revisions!


Hey rollers,

This week has been all about tightening the game to show it during GDC!

Part of being a developer means having an eye for improving things like usability. Most of it is a case of applying some common sense, while some of it is more subtle.

I’m pretty sure everyone here can see a few bugs in this screen below. Take a moment to guess:

(1) What the screen does

(2) What’s wrong with it





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Week 7: Changes to UI, Improvements in Communicating Events

Hey Rollers,

Sara here as usual. We’re pretty busy this week, so the updates will be brief:

Currently, we’re focusing on UI, Animation, and Icons. What we have been aiming to do is to unify the text, art, and animation to smoothly present what’s going on in the battle. Basically, better language so the users know what’s going on and where to look.

This is our old UI:


We’ve changed it and decided to separate the ‘card’ up there with the information into its own screen. Here are our new screens below:



We give the quick essentials (level, specials, HP, attack) at a glance, showing up to 6 monsters so that users can compare. Then, after tapping on a monster, they can see more in-depth info on what their slots are made of.

We’ve also changed the orientation of the battle (for now — and the screenshot is a rough prototype, see how the BG is not yet changed):


As for animation, we’re working on making it clear who is moving and what it is doing:


So — there you go. This week’s updates.

Also, you may be wondering: week 7? Yeap, it’s been seven weeks since this project first began full production.


Video: Intro to the Monster Roller’s Battle Feature

Hey there Rollers!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the core gameplay in Monster Roller. A few additional details:

  • This 1 month old demo uses the company emulator. The game is being developed for iOS.
  • The monsters are monsters, not actually people like the game designer keeps saying.
  • The narrator has some very angry swearing during the battle.
  • Do take the video (and especially the narrator) with a grain of salt :)

Introducing Monster Roller

Hi everyone! We’re a few weeks into the new year — the perfect start for a new game from Boomzap. I’m Sara, the game designer, and we’ve started this blog as a way to talk to everyone about the development of our game. For now, let’s let the art do the talking:

TitleOur title screen.

Loading-ScreenOur loading screen.

totoduckMeet Totoduck! He makes a great healer.

crackayakMeet Crackayak, a magma critter.

MortoxThis is Mortox and his Cherry Cannon.

PuffapyAnd this guy is Puffapy! How his floater isn’t deflated is a mystery even to us.

   Snap 2015-02-03 at 19.08.11Here we have a screenshot of the actual game.

As you may have gathered from the screenshots, Monster Roller is a slot machine monster fighting game from Boomzap. We’ve just started full production this January, and are excited to show you all what we’ve been working on.

Some core features:

  • Beautiful, fully-animated and unique monsters. Each monster has a special ability
  • Strategic battle mechanics. Your monsters can heal themselves, heal those next to them, cover for them, create shields for the whole party, buff and debuff each other, deal elemental damage, and more! Building your teams wisely matters greatly in this game.
  • Real time  Online PVP play & a Quest System for Offline Play. Find different opponents to fight against online, or challenge your skills in various quests.
  • Play as long as you like. We don’t use an energy bar to prevent you from fighting.

Stay tuned every Wednesday for more info and art!

Collect cute and cool monsters to dominate the battlefield!