Monster Roller is a monster strategy game with a hybrid slot machine combat system for mobile by Boomzap Entertainment. Hatch, raise and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline!

Some new monsters


Hey rollers!

For this week, we’ll be showing some sample animations of new monsters:

Dancing Finnikit:



This guy is currently a support type Magma monster.


Helmish, the flying…fish:

This guy has the ability to remove status effects from the whole party. Two other wave types — Lectreel and Puffapy — inflict really annoying stuns and poisons. That’s where Helmish comes in handy!

An unimpressed Volcannon:


Volcannon’s special ability damages targets for up to 5 times its attack stat (depending on how lucky you are!)

Pyropup! He kinda looks like he’s playing baseball…


He’s a heavy attacker with high HP,  but Pyropup doesn’t have the best aim. He has a whopping three miss slots in his reel.

The updates this week are light, but next week we’ll be doing a lengthier piece on how we balance upwards of 20 monsters on an excel sheet.

We’ll see y’all next week! (And hopefully we’ve met some of you at GDC.)

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